Real Fairness Guarantee !

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GoldPalmCasino.com in fact provides a real fairness guarantee for its players. GoldPalmCasino.com's fairness guarantee system gives s 100% warranty to all players that game results will be absolutely random and that the casino doesn't intervene into the game process. Players always can check the casino's fairness playing on these games: - Roulette - Blackjack - Blackjack - Carribean Poker - Let-It-Ride - Six card Poker - Keno.

Besides, in fact our players can play in a real-time casino environment. Owing to real-video technology, video-roulette players can feel their presence perfectly in our casino by means of 24hour live video broadcast from real tables. If you have any doubts about roulette wheels you can visually check our wheel equipment. Wheels, as any mechanical element regularly need to be disassembled completely for preventive purposes. So you may view this process as it occurs in our live broadcast. You may find out about such technical changes from our news updates.

For the clearest understanding of our fairness guarantee in operation at our casino, we describe internet-casino MD5 work basic principles:

  1. Prior to the beginning of the game, the player receives the ciphered results of the future games in the form of a special code.
  2. Results of the game are ciphered by means of algorithm MD5.
  3. For roulette, it will be the number which turns out next round. For Keno this results will be a progression of numbers which occur in the next round.
  4. For card games this result will be the card progression in the deck for the next deal.
  5. After the game ends, the player receives already deciphered results of the game and compares them to those results which dropped out in the game, these results should coincide. 6. Player calculates the checksum of his results employing MD5 algorithm.
  6. If calculated checksum matches that given at the very beginning of the game, then you can be sure that it was this sequence of elements that was created beforehand.
  7. The crucial moment in this mechanism is that the checksum for each number progression generated with the MD5 algorithm is unique. It is impossible to find two different sequences of checksums that coincide.

That's why if the casino is honest, a player ciphering game results that he has gotten by means of MD5 algorithm, he certainly get the very checksum which the casino gave him before the game. Therefore the player may be sure that the game result was really generated beforehand and wasn't changed during the game. You may find detailed information.